9 thoughts on “NOSTALGIA

    • Very well right now my dear as I am on holiday in South Korea. 18 days travelling from Seoul down the the island of Jeju. It’s such an amazing country and so unlike Europe in its values. There is so much beauty pride and respect here, it’s breathtaking. Hope all is well with you Paula. Huge hugs 🤗

  1. The past through rose-colored glasses, but we cling to the familiar, even when it’s not always so good.
    Hope all is well, dear Damien. That photo is wonderful!

  2. Nigel and I have been discussing this poem of yours and trying to form a suitable response using ‘c’ alliteration (without much success I’m afraid). His attention is now back on his work but I put together “Hope gives us courage to conquer the cell” and then felt happier!

  3. “cowering in the corner of a cell” obviously got under my skin because I kept on trying to formulate a response! I don’t know how to structure poetry but here is my best effort
    Hope is our constant companion,
    calling us, challenging us,
    to conquer the cell.
    Nostalgia and Truth combine as a catalyst
    a conception of sorts –
    compelling us to creativity
    contemplating new colours
    charting a new course

    • Liz, this is so strong. I am very impressed and grateful you took the time to compose this positive response. I am known to be the constant cheerful person so it’s always funny when I write poetry as my unconsciousness seems to linger in a very different place. Sorry about the late reply but I am currently on holiday, getting closer to you actually! Now in South Korea, just finishing up 5 days in Seoul and heading south next through a few cities all the way down to the island of Jeju in the very south. Greetings to you both

      • I was surprised to get a reply so quickly actually! Have a great holiday and I hope you post some photos. I know so little of S.Korea but I love the few examples of their dance and music that I’ve seen. Take care, Liz NZ

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