• Thank you Paula. In Shanghai for my day job. I am a pattern maker for a fashion design company called ‘& Other Stories’ à clothes stores for women although we also do make up, accessories, candles, stationary- a whole lifestyle choice! Look at me selling the brand!!!
      So I am here meeting with the production team along with our designer and developer to do fittings of new Garments and see how we can continue to develop and improve. It’s just a few days which means early mornings are the only free time to get out and explore and take pictures.
      Big hugs my dear 🤗🤗

    • Thanks Jane. Hope you’re well, I’ve been busy so missing lots of WordPress but will be back soon! And it’s almost NaPOWriMo, I hope you’re in!!! 🤗

      • I suppose you’re away working, not on some exotic holiday? We’re expecting you back on more familiar territory soon. I’d forgotten April is NaPo—I have a season ticket 🙂

  1. As I began looking at your post the rain started pouring down outside, providing the best ambience for the imagery you’ve captured. I enjoyed these photos so much! Especially the tree reflected in the water with raindrop splatter patterns – simply splendid!, the bright rainbow umbrella against the pedestrian crossing, the figure in the pool with fountain umbrella and the rotund businessman statue with briefcase, and I loved the white ducks or geese in the restaurant. Wonderfully observed and photographed Dami, such a treat !!!

    • Thank you Liz, the early mornings certainly provided good opportunities, it really felt like the colours were creeping out of the concrete at times! The rainbow and zebra crossing photo was a blessing! I dropped my umbrella to take the picture before the day swept it away!!! Hugs and greetings 🤗🤗

      • Hugs and greetings to you too! Am looking forward to showing Nigel your photos – I’m sure he’ll enjoy them very much! Can’t get over how you captured so much interesting detail when you can’t have had much time!


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