I have taken to the water,
am running toward reckless
and dissolving the wreckage.

I have taken to the water
even on this land
of cracks and grumbles
(slippery under snow
or shadowed by a sun
we can’t outrun)
I still hear the water
rushing amid all that is restless
(am still bound to rest less and less)
as this will whispers within
to ‘follow the water’
in place of drowning
in a desert of dry doubt.
I have taken to the water,
corners caught on a current
clear in it’s translucency
as if to reveal the truth
beyond the abstrusity
of the boulders once blocking me.
I have taken to the water,
to it’s meanders of movement
(I move toward what is meant)
I turn and twist
and forget tastes once treasured,
I am flying fluid
(a flood of fluidity)
I cannot hold everything
(catch the kiss before it capsizes)
there are no pockets
in paradise
(babies are born naked;
only man dresses the dead
as if to ignore the death).
I have taken to the water,
reckless is running
right on front of what is left
of all that’s looking for rest
(while I swim toward the rest of me).
I am a small storm
in the steady stream,
I am the stream
storming into sturdy.
I am change.
I am unstoppable.
The truth lies
not in the bank,
but lays in the trust I place
on this translucent trickle
tracing my paths
upon the water.

I have taken to the water,
ripples running through reflection,
cutting the connection
of what once was,
I am catching on current-
all else will drift to dissolve.


All words and photography by Damien B Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud


8 thoughts on “TO THE WATER

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Well I keep coming up on themes shades and sweeps of water so I had to go with the flow. Joni is always a constant whisper while writing.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      That’s the local village of Rush, near home, in north county Dublin. The sea had slipped away for a few hours leaving this little channel to let ideas slip away on. The end picture was from the hills of Kiliney, on the edge of Dublin in the south. The DART, our local one line metro, runs along the coast and it’s the most beautiful view of the city slipping into the sea

      1. merrildsmith

        It sounds beautiful. I think I might have looked up DART once for my test writing. 🙂
        My search engine history is crazy.

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