my entity


Build             bond             break

break out
break away
break down



we are circles encircling

ripples in a small pond


dissolving into the careless current

less             and less             and less

we come up on the curve;
the comeback,
still seeking
a connection

attraction = distraction

more and more                  of less and less

to be less
so as to become more

to come to understand

to take more of a stand
in this sinking sand

of time                                 ticking,

to stand under
to be left alone
to miss
to misunderstand
to be misunderstood

to be missed.


This entity,                 this endless identity

this ripple on the water
I cannot                     catch.


We put so much trust
in every thrust
not to be thrown

not to be let down

let drown.

We adapt

to be apt

to hide
to assimilate
to cover up

makeup                 mask                         masquerade.

You cannot hurt what you cannot see.

You cannot hurt me if you cannot see me.


If I cannot see me.


this identity

this entity             washing away                 on this current.

We are stones
cast careless into the current

we ripple
and fall.

Can you catch a wave
before it’s washed away.

Can I?

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:


10 thoughts on “WAVES OF IDENTITY

    • Thank you Merril! All going better here, January seemed to have been the month to clean the soul. Paris may be flooding but I’m staying dry. Big hugs to you and yours 🤗🤗

  1. Beautiful authenticity – and: I hear you, Dami!

    “You cannot hurt me if you cannot see me.
    If I cannot see me.”

    Good point. This gives me a better understanding of a certain aspect of distraction – something that does not really seem to be part of my wiring.

    I, too, hope all is well with you and that you enjoy the novel-writing. I’ve missed you and your art on the social networks.

    Much Love,
    Steffi ♥

    • Thanks Steffi. This month I have been focused on my life internally and finishing the book, another week and the book will be done, sorting life might take a little longer but it’s all part of the journey.
      Distraction can lead at times to desertion of the self, the focus shifts from you to we to them. I’m trying to get back to the me, to discover what’s important to me, how to be truthful to who I am and not what’s expected of me. Also how to let go of control, its true that you can’t hold the wave in your hand, only see it washing over the skin. Life flows like the current, never stopping. Hold is momentary but to be able to appreciate that movement while never owning it, maybe that’s the trick.
      Huge hugs to you my dear 🤗🤗

      • Smiles… – To get to a place where we can allow ourselves to be who we are can be quite an adventure – and it’s a worthwhile one.
        I agree, it’s a good idea to take in one’s own space – because if we desert ourselves, there is no-one left to experience our lives.
        I further believe you are onto something there – regarding that appreciating the movement without expectation or attachment may be the trick. I have made similar observations.
        Eckhart Tolle always reminds us, that the power is Now (Here & Now, in the Now), and personally I find that to be very true. (Just started to work with with a healing technique that refers to another aspect of that, actually.) Also, when we are in the Now, it does not matter if things are fleeting. Control does not matter anymore, either. It is always Now. In some way, that’s a pretty solid constant, in case we need one to ground ourselves into.
        Oh dear, this would make for an interesting evening with tea and talk…
        Only one more week until the book is done… Yay!!! (hopping-up-and-down-excitedly)
        Hugs to you, as well! 🤗🤗

    • A pleasure my dearest. The novel is almost finished, I am on the edit of the last chapter so I am hoping tonight will see the book done and dusted and ready to send out to an agent or publisher! Joy! Until they then ask me to rewrite it!! How is yours going?

      • Wow! So many questions…what’s the subject matter? How long did it take to write? I’m about to begin Draft 6. Hoping this year is pitch year too. Best of luck to you Dami. Please keep me posted. Cheers!

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