9 thoughts on “SEASONS TURNING 

    1. deuxiemepeau

      It’s on the corner, waiting to catch us. Ireland had its own hurricane last week, they braced for doomsday and stocked up on beer and tea! Hope you are well my dear

      1. Paula Antonello Moore

        Well, thankfully the hurricane did not reach you. I’m well. Still slogging away at novel edits. Next manuscript evaluation in two weeks. Yikes! Fingers crossed this mess will eventually turn into an actual book. Cheers my friend!

      1. Jane Dougherty

        They fit well, your new shoes. The weather has been very kind so far. It’s hot today, all the windows are open and the cats are chasing lizards…round the bedroom…

      2. Jane Dougherty

        The cats were thrilled to begin with and caught mice in the barn and the lizards that drop inside every time we open a window. But they’ve got bored with that now and it’s actually quite rare that they can be arsed to chase them. They usually just sit and intimidate them.

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