7 thoughts on “PERFUMED POISON 

    • Oh, thank you my dear. You are the Oracle Queen so that it quite the compliment. This of course was done at work as still no internet at home, even though the installation man arrived finally but for 2 hours was unable to connect me to anything other than frustration and then he left me with nothing. Hope your dog is getting bettwer and the foxes are staying far away form you

      • How come you’re having such problems? We never had any in Bordeaux and Tamberlan is lucky to have running water! The oracle dishes out messages as the spirit moves her, and she was certainly moved with your poem 🙂 I keep him on a lead now for the final pipi and make a din so that anything lurking can make a quick getaway.

  1. It’s amazing how the Oracle knows us! 🙂 Beautiful and sensual, Damien.
    I just saw your comments here about the Internet. That is so odd that the installation person couldn’t install it.

    • Óh god, I have been here for two years and two months and only last month did I recieve my social security number and medical card. I applied for both my first week in France- they arrived two years later! France, and Paris especially, is perfect, unfortunately they called it perfect two centuries ago and it has not changed since! Now it’s just outdated and still asking people why they don’t have a fax machine!

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