Halloween may be a month away but believe me; fear has come early this year. Tomorrow is the official release date for Gehenna and Hinnom’s Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology. 

Do you like being scared; the fear finding its way into your flesh, hairs rising and sharpening, the silence being shattered by something sinister? Well go buy this wonderfully terrorizing book featuring a nerve wrecking collection of chilling tales to set your wits on end!

In the words of the publishers: Abodyemigphobia is the fear of the visceral aspects of the human body. Mutilation, alteration, and disfigurement at the epicenter of horror for many ages. In body horror we not only find something to fear, but we learn to fear ourselves.

How can one fear themselves? Why would something so natural disturb generations of readers?

Gehenna & Hinnom is honored to present the Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology, the most disturbing and blasphemous collection of horror to ever be read by human eyes. Enter the morose. Embrace the Unknown.

Oh, and I am in there too!

Available to purchase on kindle and that old classic book form.


8 thoughts on “BE AFRAID BUT BUY THE BOOK…

    • I was a child of the 80’s named Damien so I thought I was the son of the Devil after seeing The Omen movie, with the young boy also being called Damien and then I was adopted so it was possible that my mother was a Jackal and my father the devil! An imaginative child! 😳

      • I have a cousin Damien. He has the same problem. They should have given that kid a name like Blob or Tubs—something that nobody should ever be given as a name at all!

      • I bought a little mirror and used to spend hours in the bathroom at the age of 13 trying to find the hidden markings of 666 on the back of my scalp! Alas there was nothing! Ever the dull life 😩

      • You were serious! I bet you really hoped you’d find the mark of Satan. You’d never have had to queue for anything in your life, and you’d have had the upstairs on the bus to yourself every time 🙂

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