And so we begin; the light freshly falling
on newfound flesh, clouds breaking over
a sea breeze gliding in over giddy grass,
a giggle in its thrill, bright bodies bending
lending limbs to longing, every touch
a tiny tickle as naked truths twist and turn;
turn on, turn hot while hands draw hope
as we grope the layers, as we undress
a barrage of barriers now newly broken
on the floor by the bed with less room
but more comfort to caress, cum and cuddle,
each to the other a curious new creature,
new waves washing along the other; under,
over, into as we dare each other to dive
deeper, each breath a new scent to sink
below, a salty seduction, a sweeter sweatiness
like salt that settles in the afterglow
on the shore of this new light, bright
is the beginning, I want to say more,
but no, linger only in this fair light,
rare light, rare is the time for this light
that time will not spare, take time to taste
the temperature, between thighs we tumble,
between each pause we laugh lightly,
pulses pressing into parts pulsing, we learn
how far we can push, how deep we can dive
down, I rise up to speak again, but no,
not yet, be still, let us feel, let us feel
how much we can open up below
the light, this new light, just beginning.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on SoundCloud:




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