I cast myself mesmerised
by your movements, the curse
of your curves as you covet
my consciousness, as you
unbutton my willingness
to submit, to sink between
these sheets of submission,
to succumb to every single
suggestion that oozes
from the aura you amplify
behind the clothes, beyond
the flesh. We are both body
bound to the other, unable
to ascertain who is handcuffed

and who holds the key.

All words and sketches by Damien B. Donnelly

Inspired by a 3 word Poetry Prompt “Cast. Unbutton. Aura” from #SenseWrds on Twitter


6 thoughts on “BODY BOUND

  1. That last phrase came out of the blue like the crash of a whip!! These prompts are great! Last week in Ireland I didn’t have much time to write something long so these micro poems were a blast! I’m a little hooked now! And I first noticed them through your twitter posts so, as always, i am grateful to you Jane

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