Imagine beauty
bundled in a box,
locked from light
and bound to blindness,
imagine your eyes
banished to its bounty
while it smothers in silence,
deep in the darkness.
Imagine freedom
in that very box,
bound, blind
and banished.
Imagine strength
deprived of that force,
see it tampered, tainted
and tarnished.
The refugee
on the road
holds hope
in a box bound,
breathless for the day
it can be opened.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Inspiration came from the poetry prompt ‘Box’ from @Microprompt on Twitter.

Audio version available on Soundcloud:


4 thoughts on “IN THE BOX; BOUND

    • Well that’s wonderful to hear. So many fear poetry and feel it’s too complicated, too highbrow. For me it’s just a way to communicate. It’s me casting my reflection onto what I see reflected around me and then it’s given to the reader so see it then with their own eyes, their own perspective, see themselves reflected in it somewhere, hopefully!!

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