Look for me
in the layers lost,
in the careful caress
that concerns the contours
of form and finesse. The million
meters mounded into magic, turned
and twisted into tastes now termed timeless,
look for me in the yards that yield towards yellow,
that burn into beauty, like ochre opening, that grow towards
the gleam of green, that flit and flow like a feather in flight, like rays
of the old days that ripple on the water. Look for me by the curt corners
of concrete where complacency converges, look for me where the columns congregate,
creation is not just a concept concerned with procreation
but with the colours and costumes

we claim to parade our personality.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:





  1. In the reading in my head, this poem was fast and swirling like the gown. I’m glad I heard your reading, which was measuring and flowed like a river.
    The photo is fabulous–and the last three lines, a bit of your manifesto?

    • Thank you- it’s an oldie photo from days long ago in Ireland and when I found it last night it called out to be used for this. Home calls every now and then! Happy weekend!!!

  2. Damien, I’ve only just stopped by again but I was deeply touched by this page. The composition is so perfect with the form of the verse mirroring that of the dress – how exquisite! And I love the verse … such a way with words! I’ll always treasure this. Thank you.

    • Thank you Liz. I am so glad this captured your attention. Your kindness and appreciation just made my day. Huge hugs on their way to you from a too hot Paris. This city of light is beautiful but she prefers a low watt bulb to a heat wave.

      • Damien I’m so new to this – I’ve only just discovered I can like/reply to your comment. I’m very grateful for the huge hugs. They’ve arrived just in time to impart a welcome Parisian warmth as I warily contemplate the onset of winter.

  3. My SO admires this dress/verse composition as much as I do. Thanks to his efforts we now have a print each, mine for home and his for his office. The lady who did the printing loved it too. Its a winner!

  4. Reblogged this on Exploring Colour and commented:
    This is my favourite poem. When I read it I feel like I’m cosily cocooned within the layers, the “million meters mounded into magic”. I love how the shape of the text mirrors the shape of the dress. Savour the words that ripple and flow like the dress itself. For more poems and other writing, and for delightful photos in Paris head on over to Deuxiemepeau; Picturing Poetry by D. B. Donnelly.

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