After a month of eating, sleeping and drinking poetry (even toilet breaks were scheduled) I’ve decided to start May instead with some Parisian pictures from yesterday morning’s bike ride through this city that you think is unchangable but then you catch it in the still of light and suddenly you notice how the subtleties are shifting. (Even if the politics are falling back to a past best forgotten.)

#NaPoWriMo was a whirlwind of loves, lines, lives, lies, syncopated sentences and non sensical structures. The amount of talented writers here alone on WordPress is mind blowing and reading their creations every day inspired me to want to write better and better. And the support from everyone was incredible. You Three Graces, especially, you know who you are!!
And so a view from an adopted boy in his adopted city…

When you want to study architecture, you go here, Architecture School

I think Street Art like this brings this once grey and neglected district to vibrant life

A sculpture of boats, of course

A new Skyline taking shape in the 13th arrondissement 

Architectural inspiration in the form of the Architecture School, of course!

Books needs paper and paper needs trees so here is the National Library and its garden

Above was a free gift from clothing store ‘Weekday’ when it opened its first Paris store!

Something old amid the new, l’Hôtel Salé now known as Musee Picasso in Le Marais  

Self Portrait, Velo days







As for the future, it is, as yet, unclear…

(Elections next week- has anyone alerted Beyonce?)

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly



10 thoughts on “PARIS IN PICTURES

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the photos from your ride, Damien! The street art is amazing–and the gardens–and just seeing the sights. 🙂 Beyoncé would definitely make a better president than the one we have here. Perhaps she can be president of two countries?

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