Day 16; National Poetry Writing Month 30 Days/30 Poems #NaPoWriMo

One last lollipop stands
on the building lot,
stands on the parking place
paradise fast forgot.
So come take a good shot,
take a final swing shot
at this hot sweet spot cause
the stick in the ground
ain’t gonna stick around.
Yes, you got it, this black
and white bull’s eye
underneath the grey sky
hasn’t missed the cages
crushing down
beneath the weight
of a concrete crown.

Ladies and gentlemen,
there’s a new show in town
(in the musuems; trees, but pricey
if you wanna see ‘em, please!)
is about to shut down
this one last sweet spot,
this swinging hot spot,
so come on now, take a pop
while it’s all that you got,
this lollipop ticking down
on the grey parking lot
that paradise left to rot.



All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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