Day 4; National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

Up and through, through colour
to brighter, better, perhaps.
I’m next, she says,
up and though and off,
following under foot
the man with the hat
whose had enough,
off with hats, top hats
and hard hats, happy heads
float through colour, dissolving
all that was once dense
and now looking lighter,
brighter. Dissolve, he says,
into concrete columns
of colour, preconceptions
are now passing, no longer
cornered by constricting
contraptions, sink into that
which was solid, into that
which is not what it seems,
release the rope with the briefcase
and the blindness and the budget,
and slip swiftly into a new world
of hope on the wall, on the roof,
there is no ceiling, there is no limit,
imagination has no holding
in all that is flat, in all
that seems futile, gone
are the grey days, the grey ways,
the grey suits that ground him
downwards, freedom is
but a jump upwards, sideways,
left, out of centre, this is
but a waiting room,
close your eyes, feel the weight
lift, slip, feel the worry ware away
between the suggestions
someone else has painted
on that which was once static,
that which was once
only a support, imagination
is a jump up and through,
pink can be your sky
if you rise above all who tell you
it’s blue, the sea can be your heaven
if you can get through the clouds.
Up and through, through all that binds you,
bonds are only walls that have yet to be
splashed with colour.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Photograph taken at Maison du l’Air, Parc de Belleville, Paris, France


9 thoughts on “WILLING TO BE WONKA

  1. Dear Dami,
    I can only repeat what others said before me:
    love it!
    I like everything I have read from you, up to now, but I believe, this one will belong to my favourites from now on.
    Much Love and hugs from North Germany,

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