I am standing
because others have fallen,
I am carefree
because others were brave,
I am kissed
because others were beaten,
I am open
because others were caged,
I am integrated
because others were segregated,
I am enraged
because others were electrocuted.

I am vocal
while others were silenced,
I am loved
while others were shamed,
I feel change
while others were chained,
I feel inspired
by others who were restrained.

I am walking
on the path others paved,
I am thankful
my days weren’t so cursed,
I am grateful
to those who came before
and will never be ignorant
to the fight that came first.

I am happy
to stand in the shadow
of those who fought

for the right
to live

in the light
of love.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available at Soundcloud:


  1. And I’m an ally standing with you, Damien! Love is love is love is love.

    I’m hoping dt and gang don’t turn back the clock here in the US.

    1. Thank you my dear! And I think the rest of the world are behind you in keeping the clocks going forward on your side of the waters! Hugs and greetings from Dublin x

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