through time,
through time
that can never be tempered,
through twisting trees and projected paths,
projecting thoughts yet to be pondered,
through mornings unfolding
while seasons fall to winter
and wither for a while all around me,
crisp carpets crinkle
with what was once light and leafy
but are now scattered sprinkles
of seasons shadows,
like thoughts once tasted
now toppled from the tongue
slipping underfoot;
from roots they rise only to return
as I break the silence
of early morning,
air crisp and clear,
cutting through motions of stillness
colours caught on careful carpets,
rust reigns regal
as orange opens into opulence,
opens into fragrance,
revels in its own resilience,
between the trunks,
below the benches
that have seen more time than I can wait for, than I can capture;
captured kisses,
paused breaths,
hands held,
all now scenes and scents seeping into the seated silence.
Running through forests,
all falling into that perfect promise
of pause and poise
all still while the earth turns, beauty below our feet

while we rage above it.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available at Soundcloud:


5 thoughts on “PAUSE AND POISE

  1. This is a very engaging presentation! From photo explorations to verse so nice. The verse on image combo is especially enjoyable.

  2. You have the perfect reading voice. Your words though were fabulous and the blend of alliteration worked remarkably well, flowing and crisp. A beautiful write.

    • Thank you so much Anita. I think the audio adds another element and it’s really fun to give out my interpretation of the flow. Although listening to your own voice back is always disturbing and always an octave higher than I hear it in my head!
      Hope you are enjoying your weekend

      • Ha, well yes, ignore that fun fact and it is fine. I don’t hear it an octave higher or think anything the worse which is more important so keep doing it, which I know you do. And, thank you, I am and the same to you.

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