Reblogging this old poem of mine, tis the season after all, Happy Halloween…



A haunting is happening in this house that holds me
a sinister spirit that sighs in the shadows,
a feeling of fear is feeding on frenzy
as it ghoulishly groans and gasps from its gallows

A breath is baying by this bed that now binds me
with its fetid foulness that’s flits by my face,
a mischievous menace that will not let me be
the already dead splitting time and space

A demon’s devising a death to destroy me
his clutch a cold and callous caress,
while no face nor fingers nor form can I see
there’s dread in this dark I cannot suppress

A sour scent stains the sheets where I slumber
reeking of rank and rotten revulsions,
it exhales a heinous, horrible, hunger
demonic desires and cursed compulsions

A miserable monster while mumbling madness
is slapping and sliding something sharp on my skin,
between life and death there’s not much to divide us
the grind to be good and seduction of sin

A haunting is happening in this house that holds me
a sinister spirit groaning from its gallows,
a face is now forming and two eyes can I see
as I’m dragged into darkness to be sliced in the shadows.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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