1. Between the sting and your beauty
    honey drips regardless
    and the bee sips while we cry.

    I can’t do it as well as you, but your words made me want to carry on the analogy. Gorgeous poem 🙂

    1. How wonderful! I love it!! That has brought a light to this dark head ache that’s taken up home in my head for the past two days! Thank you! Hope you’ve had a good few days of settling into your new life

      1. That explains the contrasts in your poem. Migraines do that to me too, turn everything light into dark, or at least give it a long shadow. I hope you get over it soon xxx

  2. The bee is a great teacher, showing us to be(e) all that we are – through the sweet and through the painful times.

    I hope your head ache has lightened up. I know those dark ones that only allow space to feel through it. Sending lots of love! <3


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