Today felt like the last blush of summer sunshine on the city that always shimmers, both in shadow and shade. These are some photo highlights I took this morning on my morning potter through the 5th arrondissement; heralded by Hemingway, the sunflower filled Jardin des Plantes and the touch of autumn rainfall on my shoulder along the Seine wth the rose windowed eyes of Notre Dame upon us all…

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly



  1. School has kept me away, but I am glad to open up the Reader to see these images tonight. Love the tournesols, and well as the garden/park shots. I often feel like Ive walked those same streets and alleys, they feel so familiar. But, I think it is just a longing to return…

    • So lovely to hear from you Maribeth. I think the longing never fades for these streets. I was away for 18 years and they haunted me daily until i returned!
      I hope all is well and you enjoyed summer break! Big hugs xx

      • Very true. I almost can’t wait until I retire so I can return permanently…currently putting together a Must-See list for a son of a colleague. I am wrestling with popular highlights versus what I would do versus simply saying EVERYTHING. Everything, every street, and alley and pastry shop and building and street light, everything is a must-see in the City of Light…

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