There’s a man travelling states
building walls and closing gates,
he used to be a showman,
a businessman, a lover man,
now he wants to be the townsman
but what town could want this man?

There’s a man crossing states
with opinions out of date
and he’s parading his delusions
as if suggesting some solutions
like changing constitutions
and inciting petty citizens
to pointless revolutions.

There’s a man out of date
with ambitions to head of state
who’s been told that if you dream it
and can afford it, then you just take it
but House of Cards was just a show
can it be possible he did not know?

There’s a county getting bigger,
oh what’s it matter, I mean fatter,
there’s a country losing face
with its kin, with the human race,
it used to be the promised land,
was once the land of dreams,
but now that anyone can buy a gun
it’s just the land of screams.

There’s a man in the states
gaining power and closing gates…
perhaps America was just a dream
that we watched once on a screen.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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