Is love letting go or leaning on or leading on

Is love like a salmon swimming upstream, struggling against the tide, against the current,
against all nature

Is love like a room you redecorate on rotate, layers of new prints over old paper, frail and fragile and fading in corners too complicated to remove the clutter, long since left, from other lovers now departed

Is love like the copious copies of masterworks, artworks we hang in hallways far from any real light so as not to intimidate real life

Is love as subtle as the smile stroked on canvas across her face, impossible to trace if she is leaning towards love or lingering in loss

Is love like the riverbed, caressed and corrosive concurrently, currently leading towards lust or something that might last longer, that might run deeper than an ocean

Is love virtue or vulture?

All words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Photograph taken in Aldeburgh, England by the Benjamin Britten tribute sculpture

Audio Version available on Soundcloud:




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