1. From a pattern making perspective, it always interests me to see how body types change over the centuries and how fashion adapts to suit.
    It’s amazing to see the detail in the construction from the earlier centuries which gets lost as you come more up to date due to mass production and time versus cost but at the same time you notice the mind blowing choice of fabrics today in comparison to the limited offerings only a century ago.
    Also the amount of time we have to get dressed in the modern world plays such an important role in what we can wear. The restrictions of hoops and underskirts and bustles, even the fitted waistcoats and tailed jackets for men- they would not go down so well on an escalator or skateboard! Although metros might be less crowded as there would be more taffeta underskirts than actual people!
    You notice the color too, in the past always bold and bright in times of opulence and somber in more troubled stages of history while today bolts of regal reds are as popular as black, regardless of what’s happening in the world.
    It was a small exhibition but the staircase showcase was a wonderful way to see pieces, iconic and otherwise, from multiple angles and I found it so interesting to see Dior’s unforgettable post war ‘New Look’ with Jean Paul Gaultier’s corset right next to it.
    The Barbie exhibition was on at the same time, also at the Musee des arts décoratifs, pictures coming later in the week, and it was humorous to see how well they both aligned. Barbie, it seemed, always knew what to wear!!

  2. Damien, I swear that last shot made an old man’s heart twitter! You have SOME eye! I enjoyed watching you taking the fine pictures . . .

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