12 thoughts on “NO COMPARISON

    • Thanks Jane. Hope you are well, been busy lately with weddings and dresses and patterns and 20 million documents to establish myself into the bureaucracy that is daily French life! Thankfully just got my social security number which only took 11 months! Will be back on WordPress more often soon to read all its marvels xx

      • I know you’ve been busy. If you ever posted a pic of the dress I missed it though. The day I went up to the social security office to get my number, I was hit by a lorry on the way home! If I’d been hit on the way there, I wouldn’t nave been covered.

      • Omg! I’m so sorry but that made me laugh so much! I hope it wasn’t too extreme!!
        The dress is almost finished- that wedding (my sisters) is in August so pics will be in September!
        Watch out on the roads my dear xx

      • I thought you’d had the wedding???? in that paradise island with the sharks. The accident with the lorry was spectacular but it rallied the local population wonderfully. It was in the Marais near rue des Rosiers. A crowd of kids flagged the lorry down and dragged the driver out of the cab. somebody brought out a chair and called the police, and a very dashing capitaine stayed with me while I had x-rays done at the hospital. A grand day out…

      • Sounds like a near perfect Parisian adventure!
        Paradise island was my friends wedding but it’s my sisters wedding that I’m making the dress for! Always the bridesmaid, I guess xx

  1. This one is simple, yet lovely. No more words needed. 🙂
    How are you managing with the rising waters?
    The French bureaucracy is why we were married in the US. No blood test, minimal paperwork. Now I am getting ready to apply for French citizenship. The document is long. It will require a trip to Washington DC…
    A+, Damien. Be well.

    • Thanks my dear! It’s funny as I kept going back to it all day with more verses but the truth was already before me and, like you said, no more words needed!
      Good choice on getting married in the States and good luck with the citizenship! I practically needed a document to say my eyes were green, printed on paper, of course, translated and copied triple fold- and yet we had the climate conference here last year while the French go through paper like its oxygen!
      Best wishes and good luck!
      Rivers finally going down but more rain expected next week! The season’s as we knew them have left us. The louvre moved all its stores of art up from the lower levels just in case! meanwhile, in other news, my family in Dublin have been sunbathing for the past two weeks!!

      • A friend of mine here is from Galway. The weather has been lovely there too.
        Glad to hear the rivers are finally receding, but the call for more rain is not good…
        France, the French, are loaded with contradictions. A law for the law for the law that no one follows…but that is part of the charm (and frustration!). I am impressed that you have your SS card, but I know how frustrating it can be.
        Go back and forth and back and forth with my writing that I post on the blog too. It’s good to hear I am not alone 🙂
        Read you again, until we meet in Paris.

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