I’ve seen you
on faces,
in places 
you’ve never been,
in places
you’ll never be,
on faces, 
other faces,
not your face, 
in a place
that has no claim 
to your space
since life
took your trace
from all of space.

I’ve seen you
on faces,
in foreign places 
looking for traces 
of the ‘what has been’
and the things I’ve seen,
looking for the layers
you laid on me,
the depths you drew
onto who I was
and what you knew
to be true,
the hope that was me
and the growth that killed you.

I’ve seen you
on faces,
your trace
impossible to erase,
with no regard
to time or space.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:



  1. Je veux dire quelque chose de profonde, quelque chose d’important, quelque chose …les mots m’echappent. Je vous dis que la repetition est interessant. Je trouve les rimes difficiles, mais ca marche ici. C’est a la fois lourd et magnifique, et sans ornaments….Merci bien.

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