1. On my first trip to Paris, in 1992, I found myself alone on the streets day after day. Just me and the streetcleaners. Took me a few days to realize that I was up before the city, exploring in the silence all that Paris had tell me. Fast forward 10 years. My favorite time of the day in the City was, once again, before it awoke. As I walked up the steps of the metro at St. Michel and rounded the corner, the first sight I would see was the rising sun behind Notre Dame…loud silence indeed.

    1. Beautiful memories. It’s such a breathtaking city in the sunshine or the shadows, silence or the storm. So glad you like the place so much- Hemingway was right- it really does stay with you wherever you go.

      1. Oui, je sais bien. Mais, pour le moment, nous habiton en Amerique. Dans quelques annees, quand je vois que je ne peux plus rester instit, je reviendrai. Habiterai Serris ou nous a vons un appartement…
        Pour le moment, no visited en famille me suffit (pas vraiment mais…)

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