Act 1: Dance into Night

I will call you 
like a lullaby 
at the end of the day 
when the world has hushed
and I will lay you down
into this realm unreal 
as the light falls
to the night 

Act 2: Movement in Flight

I will kiss you 
like morning dew 
as the day beckons 
and the shadows have settled 
and you can fly from this embrace
while its touch still presses
like our lip’s print
upon our skins


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly



      • Fortunately, I was already fatigued from running and quite near to the sofa. A soft landing. Such a sweet and delicate piece.

      • A little village called Lusk in North County Dublin- surrounded by fields of the green green grass and a historic round tower while waiting for my big sister to arrive any minute to fit her wedding dress on. I’m making it at home in Paris so am here this weekend for the final fitting- fingers crossed!!! It’s almost finished- just a few thousands beads left to sew on by hand, one by one! Oh la la (as the French really don’t say!)

      • This is fantastic. You’re making your sister’s dress…now that is love. You are an angel. I once made a spider man outfit for my youngest son. The entire web was made from thousand of little black beads, so therapeutic.

        It’s years since I was in Dublin…a fantastic place.

  1. Beautiful poem. I also loved reading the exchange between you and pixieannie. You make amazing cakes, wedding dresses and poetry? what a renaissance man! Hope we get to see a pic of the wedding dress 🙂

    • I guess I’m a bit of a man out of time! Pics will appear after the wedding at the end of August- the dress is a well kept secret for everyone except myself, my sister, mum and my nieces. Best wishes from Ireland

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