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I seek out silence
as I settle in the shadows,
as I settle in the darkness,
as the darkness drowns me in its silence.
I seek out comfort,
I seek out solace,
a space safe from sonic stimulants
escaping sound
beneath the silence,
a refuge from the rage
that roars within my head,
raging, roaring, raiding reason,
cover me in comforting cradles
until unconsciousness carries me off.
I lean into nothing,
the soothing embrace of the nothingness
blanketed within the darkness,
l lean in to draw breath,
I lean in to draw silence from these hands
no longer holding pencils, painting pictures,
painting words in lyrical lines.
I seek to draw distractions
from this piling pressure
that towers over me,
that topples down on me,
that trembles tap tap on my temples,
trembles, trembles,
a terrific torture, torture, torture
pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding.
I seek shelter from the weight that weighs against neck,
that climbs over blood and bone,
that steals sight from eye
and human from head.
I seek comfort
in the silence of the all-encompassing darkness
and wait for the suffocating pounding to stop.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly




  1. I’ve just read the tags. I was going to say I hope this is a migraine and not something worse, though I know that sometimes it seems as though there isn’t anything worse. Hope you have drugs for it and it clears up soon.

    • Thanks Jane- it was last week- it comes and goes, sometimes it teases me that it’s just a headache until I’m trying to bury my head under the mattress. It has no rhyme or reason, until I gave it one now!! Hope you are well- enjoy the weekend! I’m buried under 50 meters of tuille and about 4000 tiny beads as I focus on making my sisters wedding dress this weekend before going to Ireland next weekend for the final fitting! It sounds like a headache but hopefully I won’t have time for it this weekend!!

      • WP just sent me the notification this evening. Up the creek. I’m glad it’s over though, and I hope it doesn’t come back for the wedding, though making a wedding dress would give me a nervous breakdown never mind a migraine! Best of luck with the beads 🙂

      • I just published it today though. Now that I’m back working full time I try to write at night and pre schedule the ‘publishing’ over the week so I still feel like a writer, even when I’m at work. It’s a serious juggle- there are balls everywhere!! DamiX

      • Yes, it is really living the dream, especially working in fashion in the worlds fashion capital- every now and then it makes me giggle! I’m working away and look out the window at the magnificent Bourse building and think to myself I’m actually here, I’m here and it’s not a dream!!!

      • You’re very lucky to have a job that you love, in a place that you love, and have enough creative talent left over to spend your free time writing and taking pictures!

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