A Little Vow Left Dead


This is Jennifer Calvert from Ink and Quill- read, listen and hear the beauty of her words and then go to her blog and checkout how beauty grows…

Jennifer Calvert Author

I made a promise,
A little vow,
Whispered on the wind,
Pledged –
A curse to my weeping heart,

What will take to hold you dear?
To feel the stir of your emotions,
To taste the passion of your lips?
What can I do to move you to tears?
To assure you, my eyes are rendered yours,
Sheltered by the shift of your indifference,
A shield maiden I’ve become,

Moved beyond recognition,
On meadows lost to night –
Stars behind the clouded skies,
In grapping wound, the bite of your words –
A tongue lost in the shallow on your mouth,
The promise of our love,
Biting down,

The tears, which fall,
Mingled with blood –
Dried in withered waste,
A flower shrivelled inside my head,
You sink your teeth, further into my skin,
The hole,
To fill,
To seal the hurt within,
A promise broken,

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