10 thoughts on “Paris in Pictures in a Saturday morning in the rain, reflections, universities, bikes and buildings 

      1. deuxiemepeau

        It’s going well so far- I just started working full time last week so this is my second weekend after a full weeks work having been on a break and only writing for over a year so adjustments are happening but it’s exciting so far😄

      2. Jennifer Calvert

        Good luck with your new job, would be hard to adjust I bet. Hope you find time to continue your writing also. I’m back at university this week. So also finding it hard to find time to write! x

  1. millie schmidt

    beautiful photos!! I love how you’ve taken shots of seemingly unimportant places, I prefer seeing the real paris, not the tourist postcard, so this was great!

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thanks Paula. There’s something about bikes that grabs my attention, maybe it reminds me of being back in Amsterdam or it’s just to tease me that I haven’t started cycling in Paris yet- Parisian roads are not like dutch roads and Parisian drivers are not so fond of cyclists yet- I’m gonna give it a little more time

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