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Time tears
through flesh and bone
as it moves towards us
through us             past us
while we try to
linger longer
onto that fragile hold
we have on love

but we are just
cars and connections
caught up in the cacophony
trying to stand in the right lane
with the right person
at the right time
as the clock ticks on
like a heartbeat
like a time bomb

I captured you
on film             in a photo
as they kissed and craved and smiled
while you moved toward them
while you cut through them
then swept past them

before they even saw you.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Photograph taken in Hong Kong on a rainy night when two lovers held each other tight and life rushed past them.

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8 thoughts on “LANES OF LIFE

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thanks Jennifer. I was in Hong Kong for work a few years ago and walking back to my hotel one night when I turned a corner and this couple were standing in the middle of the road having their picture taken and I snapped one too. I wanted to write something about it – I guess they had just gotten married- and thought it was going to be so romantic and then I looked closely at the movement of the traffic and how unaware of it they seemed and this poem came out instead. I hope their time together is still beautifully unaware of outside forces. Hugs from Paris

      1. Jennifer Calvert

        How beautiful and romantic! Blissfully unaware of their surrounds, caught up in the moment. I love it. ❤️
        Hugs from Australia! ☺️

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