I see you, this morning
in sweeping reflections
in the waters, reflected
in the sleeping stillness
of the morning’s silence

as if the world was looking up
as if the sky had fallen down.

I see a tree, a weeping
sea of a tree, leaning,
reflected in the waters,
reflecting its reflection
into milky mists of morning

and I wonder if the world is truly what I see
or if my reflection is the truth
staring up
at me.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


    1. Thank you Phoebe, I really enjoy being able to link the words to the visions- sometimes it works better than others, other times the pictures come before the words. Thank you for comments and encouragement. Best wishes from chilly Paris

      1. Holy Flying Cows- you send me a beautiful comment on my photo and words and I send you a comment back showing I can’t spell- mush? Thank you so Mush! Oops. Sorry Jennifer

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