This is how we move
now, in the aftermath 
in the silence
in their absence

This is how we monitor
here and now, in the passing
under surveillance
under scrutiny

This is what happens
when the scandals burn out
when the candles burn out
this is how it goes

This is how we move, now
monitoring the metros
soldiers on streets
searches in stores

This is how we move
now, in the aftermath
and still the shadows build
and still the voices are missing
when before they were just
laughing and eating,
when once they were just
drinking and singing.

This is how we move
now, in the aftermath.


All words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


3 thoughts on “THIS IS HOW WE MOVE

  1. Lovely poem, what happened is a pity…love and light and may there be eating, laughing and singing even in the aftermath.

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