We are gender bred, not born into who we are
but told forever after what we should become
by people, parishioners, preachers, pariahs,
parasites, philistines. He is boy not because
of an apple that long ago lodged itself in his neck
or a cock that swells so often by his bowels. She is girl
not because of the comforting curve of her form
or the coveted curiosity of her cunt. We are
the persuasions of a thousand teachers, telling us
tainted truths, a society of susceptible species
separated into sinners and sheep, the fornicators
and the followers, the wilful and the weak.
Would the world have withered if it was Adam
who asked Eve to eat the fruit, to bite his banana,
to sliver and slide along its shaft?
They say She offered Him that first succulent taste,
that delicious decent into the depths of deceit,
of hell here on earth. Would the She that she became
still have been seen as the serpent if the tale
had been twisted in other hands?
He can be action man, aviator, astronaut,
anything he wants. She is the princess, in the palace,
painting her nails, waiting for her prince to awake her,
revive her, alive her. He is Cock, craved and conquering,
she is Cunt, shunned and shamed. From his mouth
the cunt is the sweet summation of comfort
commented on in casual conversation. From her lips,
the cunt becomes a dirty thing, a degradation,
but cunt is a just word, a name given by living, breathing,
robbing, raping, hungry men. When will it be her word,
heralded for all its bounty? When will it be her strength,
her Cunt, just like his Cock, pecked, playful and proud,
worshiped not just for the warmth within its walls?


All words and Sketches by Damien B. Donnelly


    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thanks for your comment. It’s certainly a word that divides and demands debate. It can be quite provoking. It seems difficult to find a word generally accepted by both men and women while the various names for men’s genitalia seem to suggest more of a prowess or a power or just a giggle.

  1. eddarivera

    I really enjoyed the play on and with words. I like how you make readers think and how you show the honor in both cock and cunt. This really made me smile reading it and has a lot of truth. Something thought of alto but never said as proper or as delightful; as you have. I loved it.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thanks- I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate from thought into words when I was working on it but I was happy when it worked itself out. I am glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate your comments. Best wishes, Dami

      1. eddarivera

        Loved it keep it up. Embrace the gifts you have been given . Use that pen pencil or keyboard to express who you f no your experiences. It’s beautiful how great a mind thoughts feelings and words can be.thank you for sharing I’m just starting mine blog. It was actually a college assignment but grew to enjoy it. I love recind not learning and coming across pages like yours. God bless…

  2. eddarivera

    Sorry typo who you are and your experiences. Reading pages like hours.sorry about typos.

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