The Bags@dB.d


The Bags@dB.d

I know this isn’t Poetic or Pose but my site is all about creation and I’m taking a break to self promote another side of my work and shamelessly plugging my Tote/Market bags which I make to order and sell on Etsy or via email on my website

Never liking to be boxed in or labeled, loving cooking (you gotta try my 7 hour Boeuf Bourguignon, 7 hours to cook, not eat), baking (the more butter and chocolate the better), interior design, singing (not always in key) and, of course, writing but fashion has always been a part of my life since studying fashion design at The Grafton Academy in Dublin, Ireland way back in the 1990’s and later working as a pattern maker for various fashion brands in Paris, London and Amsterdam, but for the past year I’ve been making these little bags which friends have been loving, so I now have a website and a store and the machine is waiting to create your personal order.


The Bags@dB.d focus on a careful blend of the 3 F’sFabrics, Flare and Fashion aiming at Men and Women who like a mix of Solid Colours contrasted with Bold Stripes, while insuring every detail is Created and Crafted at Home, in Europe.

IMG_6958 IMG_6951IMG_7132

The Bags@dB.d offer homemade Tote/Market Bags in Limited Edition Fabrics including textured cottons, canvas and linens, fully lined with contrasting striped linings, reinforced with heavy canvas for added strength with an option of either hand or shoulder straps and an inner pocket for easy storage of phones, wallets and keys- so more more rooting at the bottom of your bags anymore. As soon as one fabric runs out another fabric will take its place, making each small run of bags more unique. Swing tags are printed with a traditional wooden stamp giving it an added handmade feel. All bags are posted wrapped in tissue paper and packed in boxes to make sure they reach you as perfectly as possible.

IMG_6986  IMG_6994IMG_7138


Drop by to see the A to Z of the Making of The Bags@dB.d

IMG_6968  IMG_7145IMG_6974

Check out the mini promo for The Bags@dB.d below:

All Bags, Photographs, Modelling and Silly Mini Promo videos made by Damien B. Donnelly

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