I am a box
Filled to capacity,
A million personalities
Drawn and decorated,
Cut out creations,
Caricatures casting me
In a more tangible light
Throughout the years.

I am a box
Sealed with sentiment,
Souvenirs of scenes,
Themes and thoughts
Cradled and cared for,
Partied and played out,
Sometimes reused,
More times reinvented.

I am a box
Cluttered and cramped,
Jokes joining heartache,
Love letters lost
Amid numbers of homes
Now forgotten and faces
In photos slowly fading
Through time.

I am a box,
Four sturdy walls,
A floor and a roof,
Ordinary to all who see me
But inside there’s this life
Now busting at the seams
But with plenty of places
To fill with more dreams.


3 thoughts on “BOX OF DREAMS

    • Thanks GwendlynD, as I pack away all my belongings here, getting ready to move, it all seemed very simple and very obvious. Have a lovely weekend, damien

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