An Ending to the Season

Is this it,

Is this life,

Is this living?

Is this the reward for the struggle?


Is this all that was born from those battles won?

Is this the result of those wild Winter’s winds

And the all too shortness of Summer’s sun?


Is this it,

Is this all,

In a nut shell?

In the boxes placed in a huddle?


Is this all that is left from the life that we dared-

The trinkets on shelves we’ve yet to divide

As we pull apart the memories we’ve shared.


Are we done,

Is it so,

Is there nothing left to say?

Do I leave you without even a cuddle?


I thought that our troubles were a thing of the past-

I hoped we could spring from Summer to Fall

But it looks like this Winter is all that will last.


The ties unbind,

The sun has set,

Our season’s ended.


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