To Dance with Time

Hit me as hard as you can, oh fine

Fleeting friend called Time. No more

And no less can I do with You

But run through You-

Tasting as much, laughing as hard

And loving as wildly and willfully as possible

Before your clock tolls

And You sound my final bell.


I am not your prisoner and You-

No more my guard than my companion,

My light and shadow all at once-

Giving me enough time to watch

How You take it from me,

Never do we stray from each other

For a single moment. But moments

Are what I shall build on as we tap out

This dance together-your tick-tock, tick-tocking,

Pulsing through my every heartbeat.


Oh sleepless, invisible One,

Is there no rest for You as night falls

And I slumber softly, at play in dreams

Of hopeful tomorrows and cherished yesterdays,

Your claim on my expiration fails to set any fear

Alight in me, though I know not the date nor time,

Nor the how or why,

For today I’ve existed, loved and laughed

And, if tomorrows be no more,

Then ring out the sound, evermore,

Of my joy for today.


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