I         You         Us
being so much water
and yet the lucky
do not drown
in the very essence
of what they are

I         You         Us
we are all oceans sunk beneath the surface of the skin

I         You         Us
so much water
beneath the skin,
we are movement
cast out
to current curiosity

I         You         Us
all movement
like ripples on the water
and we are water,
and we are as deep
as we dare
to dive

I         You         Us
daring divers
discovering our own
essence in the depths,
the lucky ones rising
like waves,
washing upon the shores of our world

I         You         Us
so capable of watering our waning world.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

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What are words
when they don’t just
wander in weary

What are words
when not wild waffle
but wonders
weaved with wisdom
and written with worth

are like water
washing over the reader
in warm waves

are like wings
raising the receiver
from worrying days

are the world

can be whispers
that wake you

can be ripples
that shake you

are like the welcome wind
on a warm weekend

can be the witness
to all that must walk to its end

can be weapons
in a world waged on war,
weak and enslaved

can be wonderful,
like a walrus
rising over the waves

Words are the world.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Photograph taken on the Champ de Mars by the Wall of Peace, Paris



We are wild
We are warriors
We are war

We are wild warriors waging war

We are wild warriors waging war on a world

We are wild warriors waging war on a world weary

We are wild warriors waging war on a world weary of our wants

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


How did it feel to hang by nails and wait for a death You were born to endure?
Created by The Father as a symbol of His power to save a crumbling humanity,
He gave you life for it to be ripped from your body. No saving grace for you,
no end to the pain, no Lord to help you. The Father, protector, divine Creator,
silently watching as your all too human pain poured from your all too human body.

Did you suffer a lifetime for every second that you remained in that earthly body,
punctured by earthly hands, jeered by earthly voices, cried for by earthly women?
Did Mary know the gift weaned on her bosom would depart this world so heinously?
Did She trust in the promise of heaven, did She believe in the prophecy of angels,
at the end, when your screams shuck the heavens? Did You question His promise
of a seat by His side while the cold nails split you and the steel blade slaughtered you?

A jew hated by jews, a jew betrayed by jews. Did you foresee that day, on that cross,
how the world would shake in your aftermath? He sacrificed you for the salvation
of humanity but ever since that salvation has waged wars in your Father’s name.
He first split the earth from the heavens and then he let man split the earth in two.

Did you die in vain, that day, or did you die to show that the innocent must suffer?
But what is lost most through suffering is innocence; when eyelids are stitched open
so no pain goes unseen, when the voices are raised so we hear the pain in each scream.
Today all the crosses that hang around our necks are adorned with jewels and pearls.
That day, on the cross, as you rose from humanity, did You foresee the war of the world?


All Words and Pictures by Damien B. Donnelly


I shift like nature, calling snows
To coat me, cover me in a crisp
Canvas of change to bathe in,
To be reborn in, before I skate away
From winds that wither my world.
Bone chilled, I can wander off
To warmer shores, eager for sun
To sooth me, to sink within me
In the form of friend, in the hope
Of something more significant,
Safely steering past the storms
Sent solely to scare, to remind me
Of nature and it’s naughtiness,
Prickling and pruning me, nipping
Away at my every blossom, often
Plucking me at every possibility.
I can be a season of hurricanes,
All harshened and hardened
By human history. I too can tear
Through territories and leave
My markings. I can command a sea
Of storms, all of my own making,
And rise a wave to part the oceans,
To aid me in my crossing to a new
Wide world of my own creation.


The darkness passes
To nights recesses
As the Angel rises
Embraces, caresses.

Through angelic actions
Her wings will open,
With one calming touch
Our souls shall waken.

With visions deep
From inner eyes
We’ll embrace the earth
And the heavenly skies.

‘Awaken dear world
To the visions I bring,
As I charm you from sleep
Through the songs that I sing.

I’ll grant you a gift
So gracious and fine,
All darkness shall drain
And the light reign divine.

In this morning of innocence,
Embrace all simplicity,
Let your souls rise elated
As you embrace all its purity.’


Attaining the Stars

Parted from the inhuman heights of the heavens,

We dwell deep, deep down

In what we’ve shaped

Into the final spoils

Of Planet Earth,

Lost amid our own

All-consuming desire

To rise up and stand out.

We are funny creatures

Of spiraling arms

And spindly legs,

Equally drawn and repelled

By each other’s tastes and tones,

Gifted with two eyes

To view the world around us

And yet remain often oblivious

To all and everything

Other than ourselves,

Though ever curious

To understand each other,

Oft’ times care for each other,

And, more often, control each other

As we wander about on two feet

And ten tiny nubbins named toes

With spine up stretched

As if trying to reach for the stars

Though all the time busy

Trying to make stars of ourselves-

Forever wanting to shine

As we bask in the warmth of the sun

And be remembered

As we fall drowsy under the spell

Of the moon.


Fickle fellows we are

Who fall frequently fool

To fortune,

Forever following the flock,

Fast footed on the flow

Of fashion and idols of falsity,

Fiercely arrogant

And fearlessly fumbling forward

Through consumer moments,

Appetizing advertising and diets of the day-

Were we not once modeled

Upon a glorious god-

An unparalleled picture of perfection

That somehow slipped, over time, to rejection.


Ambitious creatures are we-

Carnivorously craving more from the pot

And constantly climbing this ladder,

That ladder- every ladder.

No longer willing to settle

For only land and sea,

We molded man-made wings of metal

And matched the birds in flight

Low over land and water, at first,

And then coveting the clouds

And soaring past those stars

We tried so hard as kids

To reach out and touch.


Yet here we are, today,

Ascending higher than ever,

Reaching for those inhuman heights,

Us, with our spiraling arms

And spindly legs,

Eyes to understand

And ears to comprehend,

Capable of so much glory

With our courage and convictions

And opposable thumbs-

We had the hope

To hold the whole universe

In our hungry hands

With those fumbling fingers

And gnarly nails.


We will continue

To rise onwards and upwards

Charting skies lanes and skyways,

Naming those long, burnt-out,

Fading stars

After ourselves-

As if deserving-

But, while we wage war

On our own individuality-

On those very tastes and tones

That both attract and distract us,

Then the heavens will remain,

Always and forever,

The untapped attainment of human desire.



In the Architecturally Fashioned Memory of Modern Made Man


I am of an age that is ageless,

The very essence that lingers somewhere

Between shadow and light;

That indescribable grey matter separating

All that aligns itself with black

From all that derives its purity from white.


I am the illusive thread

Which ties the journey together,

Twisting and twirllings of threads

Weaving together past, present and, as yet,

Briefly imagined future.


I am the force between that barely dreamt dream

Of what will be and that longing, lodged firm in the memory,

That leaves logic out to recall that single

Moment of magic from that day, long ago lived.


That room in the mind that holds so tightly

To that taste once passed over lips, ripe for the tasting,

I am the emphasis of purity in the remembrance of that very taste.

All else, long since, fallen by the wayside

Or lost out amid the uncertainty of what is remembered

And what was real.


I am the playfulness of the light

You see cast bright on your sky high towers

With their windows onto the world.

I am the linear contrast of urban lines,

Rising sharp and structured amid the chaos.

I am the smooth sleekness

Untwining myself from a frivolous mess.

I am the seduction salvaged from the superfluous.

I am the impression left on the skin long after I’ve parted,

The mark of what once was, what is and what will be.


I am what makes the melancholy magical,

Every mood a melody;

The manufacturer of the moments

The mind will muster.


I am the lines that will lead you on,

Latitudes to rise upon and longitudes to fill your form.

I am a city seen from above

With straights of sky-scraping streets;

Lean lines, lengthy and lasting,

Marching triumphantly forwards as if to herald mans rise

Out of confusing chaos and stake his claim to stand above,

Alone, assured and reassured,

Calm and confident,

Always exceptional, occasionally eccentric,

Uniquely independent and always individual.

Modern man made in a blend

Of what is both memory and what has yet to be.


I am everything you put on to be who you are.

Yesterday you dreamt of me,

Tomorrow you’ll remember me,

Today, you are me.


The War Of the Worlds

How did it feel to hang

By nails

And wait for a death

You were born to endure?

Created by The Father

As a symbol

Of His power

To save

A crumbling humanity.

He gave you life

For it to be ripped from your body.

No saving grace for you,

No end to the pain,

No Lord to help you.

The Father,

The Protector,

The Divine Creator

Silently watching

As your human pain


From your human body.

Did you suffer a lifetime

For every second

That you remained

In that earthly body,

Punctured by earthly hands,

Jeered by earthly voices,

Cried for by earthly women?

Did Mary know the gift

Weaned upon her bosom

Would depart this world so heinously?

Did She trust

In the promise of Heaven,

Did She believe

In the prophecy of Angels-

Even at the end

When your screams

Shuck the Heavens?

Did you question your Father’s promise

Of a seat by His side

While the cold nails

Split your flesh

And the shimmering blade

Slaughtered your sides?

A Jew hated by Jews,

A Jew betrayed by Jews.

Did you foresee

On the cross

How the world would shake

In your aftermath?

Your Father sacrificed you

For the salvation of humanity

But ever since

That salvation

Has waged wars

In his name.

He first split the Earth

From the Heavens

And then he let man

Split the Earth in two.

Did you die in vain

Or did you die to show that the innocent must suffer?

But what is lost most through suffering

Is innocence.

Eye lids stitched open

So no pain goes unseen,

Voices raised

So we hear each and every scream.


The crosses around our necks

Are adorned with jewels and pearls,

That day-

On the cross,

As you rose from humanity,

Did you foresee

The war of the worlds?