Spring sun sweet on skin

that still recalls the rain,

(it is not just raindrops that fall)

drunk is the forest beneath

those blood red moons

(blind are we to the fires we started).

Will you swim through the shadow

to beat away these bitter blues?

Beauty is a ship of summer symphony,

we are whispers to be worshiped

before our season stops to sing.

All words by Damien B. Donnelly with the help of the magnetic poetry oracle.



Last night 
you came calling 
like a song 
to soften the shadows
and found me
slipping in
between the silence
and the slumber.
Last night 
you came calling
with your whispering words 
that filled the longing 
soft words that settled 
upon my bed
like a blanket to sooth me. 
Last night 
in the sweetened stillness 
you bent down
from above
from far away
from somewhere beyond the silence
and beckoned me closer 
with your wisdom
whispering words
like stars in the darkness 
like hope in the loneliness 
welcome words whispered 
which fell from your lips 
and moved amid minds 
warm words that rested 
in between worlds 
of sleep and seclusion
that found my ears
that soothed my shoulders
that caressed my chest 
like a breeze
like a beautiful breeze
like a beautiful summer breeze 
that lets you breath 
that finally enables you
to breath 

Last night
you whispered
from a world away
and I awoke all the lighter
as the night gave way to day.


All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

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