Happy Sunday to you all and Happy Saint David’s Day to any Welsh ones out there.

Last week I was invited to be the guest poet by the The Organic Poet. This is a wonderful platform celebrating positivity and togetherness.

My poem is called Sweet Things and highlights the joys I am still rediscovering after my return to Dublin, Ireland. Please take a moment and stop by if you have time, They are curating a lovely collection of artists. Clink below…



A thought for all the lovers
All those perfect precious pairs,
The ones with hearts all hopeful
The we’s, the us’s and their’s,

A thought for all those holding hands
Keeping couples connected,
Who sneak a kiss along aisle 5
Who tempt and tease, thrust and thrive,

A thought for all the cuddles,
The spooning, forking, hugging,
A thought for every small embrace,
The rubbing, necking, pecking,

A thought for those with candles,
Dimming lights and opening wine,
A thought for those accepting,
Who think their partners are divine,

A thought for those who read aloud
While their soulmates close their eyes,
Listening to the voice they know
That will never tell them lies,

A thought for those together
Those living lives united,
A thought for those who stay the storm
Who refuse to be divided,

A thought for those still waiting
To those still trying to believe
That there might be something out there
A rescue, reward, reprieve…