the balloon,
see the balloon…

see thoughts float
through space,
meander through the mind,
wild thoughts, drifting thoughts,
black thoughts, orange thoughts,
thoughts arriving unannounced,
uninvited, unaware of the current climate,
thoughts that rise like balloons
on silent streets
on sleepy Sundays
in the suburbs
to shock and surprise

(though if no one ever sees it
was it ever really there?)

Thoughts float
through time,
suggestions, signs
from unconscious minds,
disruptive thoughts, distracting thoughts
(I held his hand in a taxi while thinking of another)
Time ticks through thoughts
as we scurry through strange streets
grasping the wrong hands
throughout this diversion,
this constant drawing in of air,
drawing in on inspiration
wherever necessary
wherever noticed

(see the balloon!)

Thoughts float
like balloons,
like bodies,
never knowing
if it’s a considered curve
or just a current we’re caught in

(if it cannot be captured
can it ever be caressed?)

Thoughts float
like balloons
though the air

(oxidising, fuelling, thinking)

Thoughts float
fragile and free

some never to be caught,
some never to be caressed.

Thoughts float
and then fade,

balloons blow
and then burst.

Capture me, it, them, all, everything

before I/we/it all fade

before I/we/it all burst.

the balloon,
see the balloon.

see the being,
see the beginning,
see the beginning of something bright

even on silent streets
in the sleepy suburbs
on Sundays

where simple things can shine…


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly

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Tongues taste
our thoughts
when our thighs
twist and tumble,
when we slip
from sensible
to supple, shuffling
off our slips,
when lips lick lines
of longing, disrobing
desire from distraction,
curious to current caress,
covetous carried toward carnal,
slipping onto soft sheets
soon to be sweaty,
soon to be soiled
with that sensual scent,
soon to be hard, harder, hotter
(you had me at hello but you know that now).

Tongues taste
our thoughts
before we’ve even come
to embrace them.


All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

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