Play me
he pleaded
and she conceded,
trickle a tune
along my spine
make thee mine.
I’ll make you whine
she promised him
and so she played him
then she laid him
then she splayed him.
She teased the sheets
she scorched the score
and she nibbled on notes
he never even knew existed
and then she left him, lying there
broken, battered and gasping for air
pleading with her
to stop and save him
as she walked away
singing a solo.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Thierry’s Line


One ordinary,

Rather hot summer night-

Nothing special, nothing different-

In my mind’s eye I ran my finger down the line of hair

That ran from your chest

Before it disappeared beneath your shorts

As the breeze blew open your shirt and I caught the smile in your eye

As you read my thoughts.


With your short dark hair-

Amid a season of blondes that I was tiring of-


Who I never kissed or lay with,

Who I never undressed outside of that one dizzy dream.

Later that night-

Fuelled on cocktails while our friends fell distracted by a jovial waiter-

You took my finger and brushed it along that same hair line.

Nothing said,

Nothing promised;

Just that fine line between you and I.


With your eyes which shone that night towards a blue shade of green,


With your black jeans, red shirt

And tan which stopped just short of where that line disappeared.

We told tales,

Shared drinks,

Swapped numbers

But time, in its humour,

Fell shorter than either of us had imagined.

You seemed like the first man I’d seen in such a long time

Having been lost for a while in a sea of bleached blonds-

All as harmless as they were hairless

While I cavorted about their baby soft skins

With careless concerns for complacency.

But you looked like something else

On that fortuitous night

As the setting sun sizzled

And breezes briefly blew bodies bare.

That tremendous night when nothing really happened

Except for the soft touch of that line I never managed to cross


More importantly-

The line I never managed to forget.

All words and drawings by Damien B. Donnelly