Day 25; National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo 

If I could reset the world
I would start it with a kiss
on a silent night
In the corner of winter,
summer has claimed the light,
dark corners need our attention
more than the sound of the sea
and the smell of the sunscreen.

If I could reset the world
I would start it with a kiss
on lips I’ve never tasted
in a place I’ve never been,
I am done with parted passion,
others have since traced these lines
and found the tremble too intense
and the trench too tough to traverse.
If I could reset the world,
I would start it with a kiss
and seal it with a bond
That time can’t comprehend.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Photograph taken in Ayrshire, Scotland.



A new start,
A new life
Amid the shadows
Of one already
Years ago,
A lifetime before,
Before me,
Before I,
Before this person I’ve become
While time has shifted
And birthdays were counted
And all the while
The past
Reminded me
Of all I once left,
So easily,
So casually,
In a taxi
That tore me away
Without thought,
Without worry
For all that would follow on…

A new life,
A new start
In another age
Seen through older, wiser,
Sometimes more silly, eyes,
I’ve tasted other worlds,
Other places,
Other lovers,
But this circle game of life
Has carouseled me back
To before
While moved on,
While changing
Who I am,
Who I was
And taking me closer
To all that still can be…

A new start,
A new life
And new breath
And release…