Day 18 National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

Colours flap
in the wind,
colours catch
the feeling
of freedom
at daybreak
like thoughts
that take flight
in dreams
under blankets
over molecules
making matter
Dawn’s dew
delights seeds
now stirring
under soil
just as stars
shine significance
on a mind
on a pillow
at play.
There is
beyond the trees
and the run
of the riverbed
if you can catch it.
There is movement
in the dormant dreamer
beneath the blankets
and the shuttered eyes
if only you can wake it
to the light,
to the colour,
to the moment
that lets
possibilitiy fly
like colour on concrete,
like a bare bench
in the waiting park,
like trees attending
to shooting buds,
like a river
of thought
that cannot
be abated…

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

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Sunday morning run on ile Saint Germain, Paris south west…

Where the city meets the Seine 

A splash of colour on an, as yet, dull day 

Better days- what we need right now

The Bridges of Paris County!

Nature is endless

A bench beneath the bark 

Fragility in the field 

Framed gardens

The human touch 

A seat at the summit of the morning…

All photographs by Damien B. Donnelly 



In the morning
by the river
gently waking
all nature is reflected
in the slowly moving current
in the trees as they bare witness
in the grass as it bares its blanket

in the morning.

I saw you like this
at the birth of morning
as day spawned its dawning
as I rowed out onto the water
and I sailed on ever further
from the darkness into light

in the silent stillness of the morning

as if I were following creation
on back to its conception
as if all before had vanished
as if the earth had shed all blemish

in the stillness of the morning’s silence.

I saw you like this one morning
as I waded out into the reflection
on the river that caressed creation

in the morning, still and silent

like I were back at the beginning
to see how it all had started
before we stripped it, raped it, starved it.

I saw you like this
one morning
as I sailed
along the river
as I looked into the waters

forever onwards

and saw all that time could never capture
and a beauty we can never truly hold

and I wondered
who will worship
all this wonder
when we’ve killed
each other off?

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


Alone now, walking away
Knowing it to be forever,
Alone and crying now
But shedding
Not only tears of pain
For in crying I am cleansing,
Rejoicing now, feeling strength
That had too long slumbered,
Alone now, but cherishing,
Holding all that is mine.

Alone now, slowly returning
To my natural state,
My own body embracing,
Like the wind, nurturing,
Nourishing myself,
Living alone now, returning,
Slowly all natural states eclipse,
For in returning I am moved,
Almost elevated, parallel
To all I’m destined to become.

Still waters rested, resisted
Temptations to swim
From stream to river
And ocean but, alone now,
Moved on while returning
Through newfound power
I de-slumber the stream,
Angelic visions send ripples
Through the river, mapping
Out my path to the ocean.

From here, I shall be
Deepened, with my freedom,
I shall be welcomed,
In my awareness, I shall be
Gifted, granted innocence,
Awaken now, oh inner child,
Let inner eyes pour grace
And vision, awaken my soul
And evoke my spirit,
Alone, I shall dance
To the music of your words,
Floating, I shall embrace
The reformation of myself,
Alone now, I sing to our glory
Do listen to my words
For this, alone, is my pride, my story.