Nature is not alike;

red reigns over green,
browns bend to blend
and lilac leans,
perfect petals poised
over tiny tufts, trembling,

buds unfold from
stretching stars.

Nature is not alike.

Humanity could be harmonious
if we delighted in our differences

with dignity.

Nature is not alike. Why should we be?


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

This is a repost



I, you, me,

I, you, me,
fear, fight, fade,
I, you, me,
black, white, grey,
I, you, me,
happy to harbour hope,
I, you, me,
happier heaping hurt,
I, you, me,
birth, life, death
I, you, me,
unique below the uniform,
I, you, me,
straight, gay, unboxed,
I, you, me,
happy, hopeful, hurt,
I, you, me,
flesh, bone, break,
I, you, me,
living, longing, leaving,
I, you, me,
crawling, climbing, falling,
I, you, me,
victor, victim, vanquished,
I, you, me,
blaming, burning, bombing,
I, you, me,
nothing lasts forever.

I, you, me, no one lives forever.
I, you, me, I who am nothing,
you who are nothing,
and yet all we see is the Me.

All words and pictures by Damien B. Donnelly