We can see paradise
We can see poverty.
They live in the same place
paradise and poverty.
They are neighbours.
They are related.
They cannot exist
without each other.

We can feel happiness.
We can feel sadness.
They live in the same body
happy and sad.
They are connected.
They are family.
One would not exist
without the other.

We can touch black.
We can touch white.
They live in the same skin
black and white.
They are not neighbours.
They are not family.
You cannot separate
that which is the same.

We can feel straight.
We can feel gay.
They live on the same street
straight and gay.
They are brother.
They are sister.
They cannot have hope
without the others help.

We can hold love.
We can hold hate.
They shelter in the same heart
love and hate.
They feed on our feelings.
They fester on our fears.
We can hate to love
but should never love to hate.

We can hear music.
We can hear silence.
They live in the same instrument
music and silence.
They create harmony.
They share equality.
You cannot hear the music
without respecting the silence.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio Version available on Soundcloud:


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 21.14.56

They were conditioning,
conditioning attempts,
attempting to
condition them
under their conditions 
with stimuli, using stimulus 
trying to stimulate
his scrotum,
shock his scrotum,
to shock him,
shocking stimuli
of scrotums on screens
Slide after slide 
Shocking slides,
shoving more shocks
with each scrotum
into scrotums,
they called it
a mental disorder
order dismantled
ordered treatments
aversive treatments
treat, treating
treacherous torture,
some transplanted testicles
giving gays boys

straight balls
to beef them
better then
push them
from being pansies
into to eating pussies,
they called them psychos
labeled them under
Psychosocial maladjustment 
social adjustment needed
psychos shocking society,
shocked into submission
stitched out of condition
Converting conditions
Conditioned converting 
Electroconvulsive converters
Causing convulsions
correcting characters
hunting the homo from the man
and hailing the new hetero
shocked, stunned,
silenced, desensitised,
submissive under stimulus
sectioned by stimulus
in days where we’ve still
to gain distance,
when being different
required medical assistance.

All words by Damien B. Donnelly