Silent in her own darkness
she takes a place
by the canvas of creation
and before its stillness
she lets the light
pour over all
that has slipped
between the shadows.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

This is a repost for a week of colourful imagination. Photo of La Fee Electricite by Raoul Dufy from Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris. 



Day 17 National Poetry Writing Month 

deep in the darkness
where hearts breathe less,
held hidden below the humour,
like a tumour, there’ve been shadows
dancing, all this while, to a beat he cannot follow,
to a music he cannot swallow, that cannot be
caressed, a syncopated sadness
with no cord considered,
with no harmony held
within this hell,
a scintillating
of deafening
silence, no more
synergy within the darkness,
no more energy where the light is less.
and less, in this darkness, dwelling deep below
the surface, where the beast makes mess and worms wiggle
through worries, wiggle through niggles, through all
of what’s been left, after all these years,
after the fight and the fears, after
the struggle, after the tears,
after the lies, the raw
lies, exposed
lies that cut like glass,
glass that holds no reflection
but distraction, glass that cracks
with the weight of what’s been done. Crash
and see fragility smash on the floor
of the darkness with no door.
Dwelling deep down in the
darkness, there are
sharp edges
to swallow.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


Like a blanket
Pulled too tight
On a warm day
And sweeps
Over the body
And seeps,
Like a sickness,
Beneath the skin.

Like clouds blocking
Out a summers sun,
Covers life from light
And sucks,
Like a leech,
At love
And laughter.

Like the enemy,
Fakes falsities
To befriend you
Then blinds you,
Breaks you,
Betrays you,
Drains you.

Like an itch
You cannot scratch,
Grates its way
Along your spine
To pierce you,
Panic you,
Pull you
Dull and deep,
And leaves you
In the abyss


Darkness and Light

And so,

Once again

I’ve put away

Those tediously tiring,

Hypocritical pretenses

And prepared myself for a fall

From the smiles and laughter

And wonder of it all?

At last, I’ve been permitted

To speak and acknowledge it,

Allowed to stop this world

And finally accept it,

See it, reject it

Or perhaps, no more,

Than assimilate to accept it?

Finally, I’ve conceded

To feeling the Darkness

As much as the Light-

If not more, at times,

In times that come to stay,

Unannounced, unexpected

And with much more frequency

Than previously suggested?


Can you see me

From the outside

On through to the inside-


Slipping slowly

Beneath the tide,

Washing away

On the waves,


Below the water

In such slow and subtle ways?


I had it, for a stay,

Within my grasp

And fooled myself into thinking

That firm footing could anchor me forever

To a space

So bright and clear

That nothing dull

Or darkly austere

Could ever find me,

Tease me

Or wrongly treat me.

Had I grown

So confidently assured

That nothing could rise so high

To drag me down so low?

Down to that dismal place

Without breath to breathe,

Substance to see or

Harmonious heartbeat to hear.


And yet,

All along,

Behind the smiles,

I knew you’d return-

For why anchor myself

So tightly to the shoreline

If not in the notion,

However subconscious,

That somehow, someday,

You’d crawl to the surface

And, in a sweeping swoop,

Erase sanity from solace.

In small and subtle shifts-

You’ve secretly

Sucked at my substance,

Though I distinguish you now

More clearly-

I see the darker shadows

You leave in your wake

And the slower motivations

Of my movement

Which you make.


So succulently susceptible

To your slyly serpentine ways

Was I, the last time- that first time,

But now, older and worn in,

You no longer slip in

Between the seams unnoticed.

I see you for what you are-

Standing blindly

In all your Darkness,

In the colossal cacophony

You create within my head,

And even in the numbing nothingness

You kneed into me-

I can confidently distinguish you

And your Dark handed distractions

From desires derived

From my own daylight delusions.

You are no longer

Just another side of me-

But another self, entirely-

Despicably dug in,

Deep in the depths-

A deviant dwelling

To distract my days

With Darkness

And Darken my dusk

With Depression.


You have settled in

And set up shop,

Trading in nothing more

Than torrents of torment,

Melancholic miseries

And a deluge

Of dejection and desolation-

Filling a basement

With boxed-up beliefs

And packets of possibilities

Placed far out of reach,

My spirit

Left idle and useless

As you file away everything

Valid and vital,

Human and hopeful-

All connection

To confidence and character,

And dress me in foreign forms

Fit for nothing more than

Subservience and surrender.


You wish me

A whisper of what I was,

A memory of something

Once lived in

And a ship wreck

That once sailed above the seas

Into which I now slowly sink

As the Light surrenders to the shadow

And all life unwillingly bows to the undertow.


And yet,

Before the dawning

Of the Darkest day,

There is still something


Longing and familiar,

Beyond the shadows,

My eyes, as yet,

Unable to certify shapes

But from deep inside

My spirit shakes

And from the corner of my mouth

A smile slowly breaks…