Deuxième Peau/ Second Skin

You are my armor

To the world. My shield

To forge in front, to fight

The battles of which

I, myself alone, unmasked

And naked, am far too fearful for.


You are my role

Upon the stage of life

When the lights are on and the audience

Shifts slightly in their seats-

Judging my movements,

Motivations and intonations,

You are my script to fall back on,

My spotlight to lead me and that all important

Costume to cover me.


You are my Second Skin, a sheet

Of sheerness, unseen by the hungry mob

Who crowd, and cram and crow around me,

A protective gauze to sooth

Away their punches, to replenish me

When they’ve drained me

And to smile for me

When I’m dying inside.


When they look at me

They have no idea

I am looking at them

Through you.