Snow falls and the darkness drowns in silence,
a hush from the heavens falling, so slowly,
even crystals cry. Are these the tears
of angels weeping who’ve watched us, falling,
like this slow snow, like their tears, trembling?

Snow falls and there’s a stillness and still
all this silence between us. Bruises covered
in this cold cotton candy coating of fragility,
every day more freezing, more frozen,
just not enough to numb. Snow falls
and all paths disappear, I thought our tracks
ran deeper, like this winter, like this weight,
like this waiting, behind the window, behind
this glass I can’t see through, beyond the storm
falling, slowly. Snow falls and the sorrow
slips in, cold where there used to be comfort.

What happens to my tears, who will watch them
with wonderment like I look out now at the snow,
slowly falling, and think of angels?

Wasn’t I once your angel?

Are you watching at some slow distance
as these snowflakes cover my confusion?

In time, this too shall melt and be no more than memory,
even snowflakes fall for but a season. Snow,
falling, slow. Already wishing it was spring.

Even white is blue in the falling light.


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly


Barefoot she walks
Her feet thread glass,
Accepting of her suffering
No mercy does she ask.

Humble but glorious,
Silent but not afraid,
Her path is toward heaven
Where petals are laid.

‘Walk with me
Those who refuse to suffer,
I bring a quest to fulfil
And humility do I offer.

Cast off your jewels
If you search for perfection,
For it’s beneath the skin
Where we perform our inspection.

Awaken to your faults,
For blindness draws you deeper,
Embrace each tear of pain
For endurance makes you stronger.

To fly with the angels
You must walk in my path,
Till in the harmony of the creators
When we dance as angelic dreamers.’



The darkness passes
To nights recesses
As the Angel rises
Embraces, caresses.

Through angelic actions
Her wings will open,
With one calming touch
Our souls shall waken.

With visions deep
From inner eyes
We’ll embrace the earth
And the heavenly skies.

‘Awaken dear world
To the visions I bring,
As I charm you from sleep
Through the songs that I sing.

I’ll grant you a gift
So gracious and fine,
All darkness shall drain
And the light reign divine.

In this morning of innocence,
Embrace all simplicity,
Let your souls rise elated
As you embrace all its purity.’



Soft as the dew
On the grass in the morning,
Tender as the petal
Of the rose newly opening.
Searching for answers
Like Eve in Eden
She spreads her newfound wings
And searches for her children.

‘Oh come with me
My precious seeds,
My awakening wings
Shall quench your needs.
From angelic states
I can offer you calmness,
With every soothing touch
I’ll ease you with gentleness.
Human in form
But divine in existence,
I come as your healer
To earn me my innocence.

In grace we’ll step,
Ethereal we will rise,
In harmony we’ll soar
To the celestial skies’.


All artwork and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


Nurtured by the waves
While soothed by the ripples,
She was born in the depths
But rises to the limits.
Like a child she awakes,
Through new eyes she discovers,
Enticed by its bounty,
A new world she uncovers.
Like Venus soaring
In one breathtaking motion,
Enchanted by the light,
New visions her temptation.

‘Swim with me my love
And dive beneath my oceans,
I’ll send ripples through streams
To heal you in their motions.
Divinely assured
We can rise up like the waves,
We can sail on the seas
And seek slumber neath its caves.

Gather reeds and roses
And scatter them gently down
Bed my seas in petals fresh
So when I rise they form my crown.



A blonde little child
Wearing big girls shoes
With eyes that were eager
To pick out life’s clues.

Playing her music
To brighten the room,
All Mitchell in styling
And sweet to the tune.

A flatmate, a friend,
A flourishing fool,
A daring disaster
All crazy and cool.

Pure in her spirit
And swanlike in flight
She lit fires in the bones
Of wild boys at night.

So gentle of soul,
A foundling, a stray,
A cute little pixie
Just finding her way.

A girl, a woman,
A green mother earth,
A virtuous angel
In a tight fitting skirt.