Last weekend, possibly the final weekend of glorious sunshine for another year, we went to Strasbourg, the final birthday celebration, a city that is fully French, was once German for almost 50 years and is now filled with pretzels, flammenkueche, and all around adorability…

And good cocktails! What? I’m Irish!!!

Seriously, I wanted to eat everywhere! And tried!

On your bike! No cars in the city centre after 11am, Joy!!!

This is an actual school, lycée! It must be for wizards!!

Saint Paul’s Reformed Church, one of the many churches along our boat tour

European Parliament 

Flammenkueche, Pizza Alsace style

Petite France area of Strasbourg, Can you imagine this with the Christmas market in full sway!!!!

We had the best sauerkraut with fish here! (Choucroute de la mer). Not from the troff!!! 

Shadows within the Museum of Modern Art and below an art installation outside by Brooklyn based artistic collaboration FAILE

A moving Spider at the museum of modern Art, in top hat too!

And a goodbye from the glass modernity of Central Station 

All photographs by Damien B. Donnelly